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Some More is an advisor and an extra pair of hands for founders, leaders and entrepreneurs that want ongoing commercial, strategic advice, action plans or focused marketing services to get their growth journey started or supercharged.

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we do

Ongoing Advice

We can be there one day per month or one day per week. We’re flexible - every business has different needs so we’ll work around whats going to work best for you.

Strategic Thinking

Taking a view across your business, brand and marketing


Business structure


Product market fit


Competitive set analysis

Growth plans

Investor relations




Tone of voice


Creative strategy

Owned media


Sales strategy

Pricing strategy

Target market identification

Sales collateral

Customer acquisition

Building a pipeline

Marketing strategy

B2B and B2C comms

Content creation


3rd party partners

Earned media

Tactical Services

Sometimes you just know what you need


Business plans, emails, sales presentations, investment proposals, speeches, LI updates, social media posts, the list goes on and on.

It’s vital that the words you write get the reaction you want from the person you’re trying to talk to.

If you’d like some help with any copy related element of your business let us know.


Whether a brand logo, a set of design guidelines, a website, promotions, social media assets, you want them at a reasonable price, account managed and beautifully realised.

Combine the value of an in-house studio with the quality and flexibility of an agency.

All at a cost that is far less than the average day rate of a freelancer or agency.

Film Makers

There are plenty of great producers out there at whatever budget you have. But what about using that film or animation?

It's not enough to produce and then place, you need a plan in advance of production.

We make sure that the finished product will prove the best fit for your campaign before we produce.


Principal of the business, Oliver Russell has over thirty years experience in business, brand building and sales and marketing.

All that wonderful experience has made my work life rich and exciting and it’s helped me to where I find myself now, using that experience and continued energy to help others with their journeys.

If I can help you with your commercial challenges I would be delighted to do so.


we work

Phase 1

This short session allows us to assess the business and see whether we think we can help you (and of course if you want our help).

Phase 2

This is where we zero in on the issues you face and work out how to action effective solutions.

In advance of the session you will have provided us with as much info as you can on your business and any particular issues you face.

Following this session we will provide you with an action plan.

Phase 3

Phase 2 will give you an agreed course of action and that may be all you need from us. However, If you require further consultancy then we are happy to talk further.

We can be a sounding board, trouble shooter or tactic deployer on either day rate, monthly retainer or project by project basis


Would you like an adventure now or shall we have tea first?

We’d be delighted to join you on your journey.

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